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UI/UX Design • 4 minutes reading

Most Common UX/UI Mistakes

UX/UI design are two critical aspects of creating a successful product, but they are not always easy to get right...

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Design • 6 minutes reading

Designing for gender neutrality

To create in gender-neutral terms, designers need to look beyond the traditional ways of defining personas. Gender neutrality embodies the idea that society at large, in its policies, language…

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Design System • 5 minutes reading

9 Figma Design System tips

With this article, I’ve listed a few quick and easy methods to help you speed up your design workflow in Figma. Most of these suggestions are ideal for when you’re dealing with design systems or huge…

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UX Research • 13 minutes reading

A survival guide to user interviews

This article will take you through a step by step process of how to prepare, run and share successful user interviews. Starting from the moment why do you need to outline the fundamental question and…

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UI/UX Design • 5 minutes reading

How to become a Self-taught UI/UX Designer

I am a self-taught UI/UX Designer and I am here to help you out with your design journey. If you are new to UI/UX and confused about where to start the journey then this article is for you. Getting…

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Case Study • 14 minutes reading

How to create stronger case studies

The way designers build their case studies is broken. If you’re a design school or bootcamp graduate, odds are that your portfolio will look the same as everyone else’s...

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UX Design • 4 minutes reading

White space in UX Design

White space is a very useful technique when creating design layouts. When designing a layout, it is important to let the elements on the page breathe. The best way to do this is to introduce what is known as white space.

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UI Design • 4 minutes reading

9 tips to quickly improve your UI designs

Creating beautiful, user-friendly, and efficient user interfaces takes time and many design revisions. You've to constantly tweak it to create something that your customers, users, and yourself...

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